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January 12th, 2017

kinky_carter @ 11:28 pm: Leon x Sora Fans!!!
Finally made it a group!!!


January 6th, 2011

rikusora_chan @ 04:12 am: 100 Snapshots List & Links
My gosh, is this community even running anymore? Well anyways, I bring fanfiction I've written in hopes to restore it!

Title: 100 Snapshots (24 of 100 Completed)
Challenge: The 100 Drabbles/Art List from Deviantart
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts (Featuring FFVIII characters and some FFVII)
Author: Tysonkaiexperiment (rikusora_chan)
Couplings: Squall Leonhart/Sora
Characters: Squall Leonhart, Sora and Tuulenpuuska Leonhart(OC) with others popping in and out
Summary: 100 theme drabbles dedicated around Squall and Sora and their wedding gift, a camera. LeSo with many random mixed and matched others!
Notes: Tuulenpuuska Leonhart is my own character, Squall and Sora's adopted son, please head to my fanfiction.net profile to read more about him. Following this are Tuulenpuuska's two love interests, Angie Crawford and Parker Crawford-brother and sister-please head to my profile to learn about them as well.

Here @ my journal is my list of what's completed and where to find it!

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May 18th, 2008

pepsi_chan @ 07:16 pm:

OKay a friend of mine asked me to help her find a fic. She found it on ff.net. But she can't find it anymore. If any one has it on another web site or even saved please let me know. ^w^

Title: The Hopes of Madness

Pairing: Leon/Sora

What she told me was that Leon worked at a book store. Sora gets beat up by Axel and then Leon helps him and gives him a job at the book store. And that Leon and Sora are trying to hide their relation ship.

Thats all I could get out of her. Thanks for your time and help if you can! 

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January 13th, 2007

nathanialroyale @ 09:34 pm: Er...
I'd like to know if this place is still alive lol. It's been A LONG time sense even one post so I'm wondering...

August 27th, 2005

sora_sama @ 02:53 am: WELCOME!!!!! XD
YAY-NESS!!! This is mah official moderator welcome!!!! Please introduce yourselves and post up anything you want for Squall/Sora here! (Note: It can be FF8 Squall or KH Squall, whichever you want. ^__^).

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